Nicole Loftus is the Founder and CEO of Skin Inc., a revolutionary fund model that gives every American access to venture investing. Prior to launching Skin, Nicole was the Founder and CEO of Zorch, a tech-enabled portal that disrupted the $20 billion branded merchandise industry. Under Nicole’s leadership, Zorch was recognized as #8 on the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing companies in the country and #1 on Crain’s Fast-Fifty.

Skin gets Americans investing in themselves and each other.

Hi, it’s Nicole.

Venture capital is the greatest driver of inequality in America and the greatest divider of Americans. It’s time to change the game.

As an entrepreneur with a successful, innovative, fast-growing business, I found the venture capital industry to be antiquated, flawed and difficult for all. I set out on a mission to build a better model.

Then I discovered the colossal impact this rigged game has on the economy, communities and American life and the mission took on a whole new bigger meaning.

With the help of many incredibly talented people and a rock star team, we have built the solution.

SkinX brings venture investing to the public. Finally.

Together we invest in ourselves, in each other and in our communities, creating jobs, fueling innovations and changing the game for good.

We do it together because we all have skin in the game.

Three States Get Most
Venture Capital

New York

Founders and the 264 million Americans living in the other 47 states are shut out of the game.

The Resource Hub

In every state and nearly every town in America, there are resources that help entrepreneurs. Yet, most entrepreneurs have no idea these resources exist!

Skin in the Game invites every resource in the country to get listed here, so our nation’s entrepreneurs can find the local help they need to grow their businesses, create jobs, solve big problems and build stronger communities.