Nicole Loftus

I’m an unlikely entrepreneur. I was born into a family that believes women are meant to make babies and spaghetti, not multi-million dollar businesses. But through several acts of providence, also known as life’s twists and turns, I was given the freedom to turn the seed of an idea into a thriving business. From my kitchen table in the suburbs of Chicago, I built a tech company that turned a $20 billion industry on its head and grew from $1 to $22 million in the first three years. Inc. Magazine recognized my company as the 8th fastest growing company in the country and we were #1 on Crain’s Fast-Fifty.



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Founder of SkinX and The Resource Hub

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Advocate

Guest Faculty at Northwestern University Kellogg

Mentor at The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship

Committed to helping entrepreneurs succeed